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She had been indoctrinated into the street life. At 5th and Lake there were 2 more sex workers.

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For the past six or seven years, many of us have been documenting the rise in prostitution along Lake St. Apart from the spectacular increase and the universal agreement that it had been areas since we had witnessed such an influx, people were universally upset with the fact that it seemed as though we were chasing our tail. The ebb and flow of sex trafficking is constant. At about the same time, I listened to an elected official report on sex trafficking of children for which the city had paid a couple minneapolis dollars and was left wondering what, if anything, I had learned that I could not have gleaned from an episode of Law and Order. At another unrelated prostitution I was able to listen to two transgender sex workers talk about their desire for sex work. One indicated she did it because she could, and the other said that she felt safe on the streets.

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If you ask old-school Nicollet denizens they can be easily found at the bar inside the Black Forest Inn or jamming within Creation Audio studio about the old days, they describe an 80s and 90s Nicollet Avenue struggling prostitution prostitution and crime. How thriving would downtown Minneapolis be today if we had five times the historic building stock?

OTOH, these are much better than other areas. The state continues to allow on-street parking along University for most minneapolis the day, and unlike many other places where this kind of parking technically exists but is largely unused, 13th is busy enough that these parking spaces actually hold cars much of the time. Excellent point. If this photo works you can see the tracks turning and the business on the corner is now Caydence Coffee and Records.

Going back, I hardly recognize it! Concerns about crime need to be balanced against the amazing service that 1st Avenue performs every week, offering a place where people mix and learn about each other. Perfectly balanced between vibrant and quiet.

Photo from this wonderful Jim Walsh essay.

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Wherever I go areas, I end up noticing things like curb cuts, corner radii, storefront de, and lane width. Compare to Rice Street, just a mile or so to the East, which became a major Ramsey County arterial and half the old buildings were knocked minneapolis for parking. This is one of my favorite places to walk around in the entire Twin Cities. At the same time, the street was economically marginal and most of the old building stock has remained intact.

Nicollet Avenue prostitution Franklin and 29th. So here they are, five of my favorite streets, offered to you in no particular order, along with some reasons why I think they work so well. Again, this is likely thanks to the street having been so economically marginal during the mid-century years. Silly me! These are things that, once you develop a taste for them, you cannot un-see. The same is true of 1st Avenue on a weekend, where this street, a slow-moving two-lane street with parking and thankfully re-positioned bike lane comes to life as the most dynamic public space for hundreds of miles in any direction.

Second, street widening in Minneapolis largely happened in the 20s and 30s and was definitely complete by the 70s. Payne Avenue, between Maryland and Phalen Boulevard.

Keep citizen journalism alive!

Walking through Minneapolis and Saint Paul, there are certain streets that I end up looking at and thinking about how great they are. Like Nicollet, Payne Avenue is a street that can tell the story of marginalization and disinvestment alongside diverse entrepreneurial activity, preservation, and a recent increase in investment and activity.

So, while a lot of the great buildings were close to the streetcar, it was actually a block away in the middle of homes. Great selection. Can we get a bottom 5? Just days ago, someone was killed trying to walk across University about five miles away, up in Fridley. Hopefully, the neighborhood can continue to keep improving public safety and rehabbing these wonderful old buildings.

Payne Avenue looking South down the hill toward Phalen Boulevard.

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One of the many incarnations of the 1st Avenue bike lane. Have there been any successful road diets in the Twin Cities? We should take all our commercial streets and calm them with similar small de touches. And just this year, the city added bike lanes! There are two main reasons why this stretch of Nicollet is so great today, and they both have to do with the presence of the crappy Lake Street K-Mart store that rudely truncates the south end of the street.

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Keeping car speeds that low means that the street feels safe and comfortable for most people on foot or bicycle, and transforms strolling the sidewalks into a pleasant treat. Selby Avenue, especially between Summit and Lexington. My vote for worst is Hiawatha between 38th and 46th, especially if you count the sidewalk in the median thing.

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This mile or so of Nicollet a. For many streets, the details of their de cohere into some of the finest urban spaces we have, places that improve, support, and catalyze the people that live around them. I am probably plagued by memories of what it used to be like before the Green Line removed all the cars from the street.

Each of these streets is deed to reduce driving speeds. Finally, I like stop s! And this might sound silly, but I also love the relationship between the building size stories and the sidewalk and street width.

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I hardly remember what it used to be like, but Marshall Avenue in St. Paul got a road diet, and is at present a very nice street to bike or to a lesser extent walk on. Because of the three-lane de and on-street parking, speeds on Nicollet Avenue remain around or under 30 miles per hour. A good follow up article could cover which streets just missed the cut AND how they could get there.

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Curb cuts are all around you and they are coming for your children. Because of the hill on Payne Avenue the streetcar turned east on York for one block and continued north on Greenbrier. Unlike the other East Side arterials, it remained a two-lane road with parking on either side.

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People tend to think that Grand Avenue is the most thriving streetcar-era street in Saint Paul, but my vote goes to Selby. The on-street parking narrows University down and slows cars to the point where you can still feel comfortable on the sidewalks, most of the time.

Definitely my favorite street in all the Twin Cities.

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Selby is interesting because cars seem to drive much minneapolis on the block just east of Dale and much faster as you proceed east from there. The history of this street is a bit ironic. The key prostitution, as with the other streets on this list, is that cars move slowly and carefully, and that pedestrians can navigate both sides of the area in safety and comfort. Winter lights on brick duplexes along 13th Avenue. The de of 13th creates a humane, beautiful place where people on foot are prioritized over driving, with one glaring exception, University Avenue, which, as a state highway, continues to encourage speeding and high traffic flow.

The corner of Selby and Western is one of the few places where pedestrians can simply walk out across the street without any fear of a car driver running them over. Instead, Nicollet has always been calmer. I wish these streets could be urban de models for the rest of Twin Cities. Same holds for Victoria.

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Always my choice for biking into downtown SP. Of course! Payne Avenue from I went to the U minneapolisso my entire time there it was a fast-moving road and then a giant construction zone. One of my hopes is that we can find ways to grow and foster new streets in our cities that will come to life like these wonderful areas. At present a very nice bike route with a nice wide bike lane. First, having the K-Mart forfitying 29th Street like a big-box wall lowered the amount of through traffic on Nicollet.

Great list, Bill. Meanwhile, with a narrow cross-section, traffic speeds stay low enough that you can walk and bike without fear for your life. Also, many corners on Selby Avenue have bumpouts that reduce crossing distance. Today, I want to report on my findings. In the meantime, be thankful that this amazing prostitution of the city has been preserved and still thrives. Some cars go fairly slow but there are still many that go quite fast and most go considerably faster than they would on a similar but narrower street in Europe. Riverside Avenue in Minneapolis also used to be 4 lanes maybe?

Contrast to Grand Avenue, where there have been multiple pedestrian crashes and crossing the street is often dangerous. So glad you mentioned Selby.

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The common denominator of all these places is that they prioritize the sidewalk, and the people using the streets and buildings, over the car traffic. I will follow this up soon with a contrasting post about streets that frustrate me.

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Each of these streets has buildings typically older that give you things to see and do, that interact with the public realm in diverse and engaging ways. The second big reason why Nicollet is so great today is that so many of the old pre-war buildings are still in place. Because, they actually pay attention and drive more safely. You can cross each of these streets pretty easily, without running or dodging speeding cars.