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Myanmar is opening up to the world. It is now easy for people from various countries to go there and explore.

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Virginity has traditionally been greatly prized in modest Burma-Myanmar.

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No longer able to work under the protection of her "boss", Ma Cho Thet decided to take more risks to find clients. Water problems draining the pockets of Yangonites. After meeting in person and chatting on the phone, he arranged several donations. Though generally tolerated, sex workers are seldom given public support or sympathy — this is especially true during the pandemic.

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Among local clients the "normal rate" is anywhere from K15, to K30, but many sex workers have reduced their prices to K5, during the COVID outbreak. Everyone knows that sex work is against the law, but pragmatists know that — in reality — it's impossible to outlaw. Start date Date E.

End date Date E. Sex work, three feet apart.

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Ma Cho Thet [not her real name] is a sex worker in Yangon. Yes, they may lie — but the truth is that they are in trouble," he added.

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Lifestyle 14 Feb Vaccine worries during the protests. Some people tarnish sex workers as being liars, untrustworthy and deceitful. Occupations which rely on human-to-human touch, such as physiotherapists, dentists and even masseurs have become much more complicated during the COVID pandemic.

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Part of the project involves registering workers in a database, and providing cash donations via WavePay. Even places to meet clients, such as massage parlours, bars and KTV businesses, were off limits. Lifestyle 13 Feb Online support from doctors during the CDM. Facebook Twitter.

Many charity groups focus on the "visible" workers in the city, such as trishaw drivers and street venders. Get Free E-Newsletter.

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The precariousness of sex work in Myanmar makes it difficult for other organisations to help in such a direct way, but these outreach efforts may help to create greater understanding between sex workers and the rest of Myanmar society. Though some have chosen to advertise discretely online, via Facebook groups and in chat rooms, these online fora are not so popular in Myanmar.

Unfamiliar with the industry, he decided to interview several sex workers to find out more about their daily lives.

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The Myanmar Times. Follow TheMyanmarTimes.

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She found it difficult to continue working during the pandemic, as all the hotels, hostels and guesthouses were closed. But after reading a story about factory workers turning to the sex work after losing their jobs in Yangon, Ko Kyaw Kyaw, founder of the Food Not Bombs Myanmar project, decided to redirect some of his organisation's resources. There is an estimated sex workers in Yangon, according to an organisation assisting call-girls, prostitutes and those who provide "erotic massages".

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Many Myanmar people believe that prostitution is a form of punishment, doled out as a result of wrongdoings committed in a past life. Futsal stars turn to food delivery work during the pandemic. The organisation also provided them with rice, oil, instant noodles, beans and some clothing — supplies intended to last for three weeks. Even when sex workers find a client, they still face the difficulty of finding a safe place to service clients.

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It's typically NGOs and medical organisations that want to help or reach out to sex workers in Myanmar, rather than local charities or individuals. Phoe Wa 05 Jun Photo: Zarni Phyo. Another added stress is that, as their work is illegal, police vigilance is higher than normal during the pandemic. It was sad to see them," Ko Kyaw Kyaw said.

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The "three-feet-apart disease" — a term some use to refer to the coronavirus — affects more than just regular shops, restaurants and tea shops. The social distancing protocols, as advised by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation, make sex work almost impossible. Tweets by TheMyanmarTimes. She found herself with alcoholics and drug addicts; at times she thought she'd be abused, raped, assaulted or even killed.

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More In National News. Recently Food Not Bombs ed-up with Doh Eain, the urban redevelopment organisation, to help provide cash transfers to out-of-work street workers and vendors affected by the COVID restrictions.

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This also includes the oldest profession in the world, prostitution.