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Lastly, why was Wagga not made the Federal capital? There he had 14 languages owing to refugees and spoke two. The war over, Jack returned to Perth, married there, and went to a London engagement.

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His name was Ross, and it was he, or his son, who was the first man killed at the Eureka Stockade father told us this. Retired, he worked on Censorship and Intelligence in the war. Almost recovered, he died suddenly in February this year. But the war ended this. He and Henry Ford became friends and air being new they had a plan for air trade between Great Britain and Detroit.

Cameron, john alexander (jack) (–)

War breaking out, and speaking Italian like a native, Donal sent his wife and child to England and remained on special work in Italy. After Rome he was sent as Adviser in Economics to the British Embassy in Rumania, just 19 years after he had first been there. He was still at work when he had a seizure. From Italy he was sent to Tahiti.

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He then spoke four languages fluently English with a French accent, having been educated in France and Italy and knew enough to travel on three others. Later a bomber was sent to take him to Rome. They were lined up on trenches which the men had had to dig for their mass graves, and the guns were then turned on them.

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There he did a piece of work for which he was given the O. Of retiring age, he was asked to stay a year longer than his term as he was needed there. We are quite happy to sleep hard and cook smokily. As will be seen from the foregoing, Donal is very much the son of his father, whose heart was ever with the old town near where he was born, and who never forgot the mud floors with which it began.

A few books, including those you have sent, fill in the lazier spells. From Czernowitz he was sent to Detroit, to build up British influence and trade, which his two predecessors had let run down.

Cameron, john alexander (jack) (–)

When war broke out in he left his publications to a manager who ruined them and went as a London special correspondent to the Italian front. He returned to Europe, went to Cambridge, and was appointed at 19 to the British Consulate in Rumania. On his return he took up teaching near Exeter and Bundanoon N. From there he went to Western Australia and edited the Coolgardie Minerand helped in getting the famous water supply to the goldfields there.

Men, women and children were being pogrommed by Czarist Russia, who was our ally. He surreptitiously saved the lives of as many as Jews at a time. My brother, John Alexander Cameron, O. Under John Dart, Mr Cameron passed as a pupil teacher, but disliking the work, at about 17 he went on a cattle-droving trip to the Northern Territory.

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In Berne, he and a friend Lord Russell proposed and worked for the widening of the river there to make it a trade route to the Danube. Some of those he saved came to Australia and told me this. From Schaffhausen he was sent as Consul to Czernowitz now incorporated in one of the composite States in the Balkan area.

His son, Donal, is with the British Embassy in Madrid.

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The he of Jewry he later told me were so grateful they said his name was to go into the Golden Book at Jerusalem directly next to the atories of the Balfour Declaration. While there Lord Roberts gave him his own Cape cart and escort to go where he liked and see all he could.

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When Lambie, the Age or Argus? Here he was kept for six years, his work was so valuable.

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Before going to Cambridge, Donal came, at 17, to Australia, to see us and decide upon his career. He was a Wagga Wagga boy. Major MacDonald had his foster-brother with him. But it is not all like that, and back here in Madrid we go on exerting ourselves in the more vulgar and inept ways of the world, and do our little bit for the promotion of Western civilisation.

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Thence he was sent to Peking, where in eight months he was translating Chinese that it took others two and three years to learn. This war ending, he was appointed as British Vice-Consul to Schaffhausen, on the border between Germany and Switzerland. From China he was appointed to Genoa.

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A young man named Gilmore came to his office to be trained for the Consular service. Here he had to receive among others, all Australians taken as prisoners of war to be repatriated from Germany and when one came through they talked all night. Later he had his own paper there, and two seasonal ones in Berne Switzerland.